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Technical Writing

Most professional writers write reasonably well. However, when you’re drafting, editing, and polishing scientific documentation and other works from academia, it requires a certain set of specialized skills. Your engineers, programmers, and other team members may be experts in the field, but most likely, are only comfortable writing for an audience of their peers.

Communicate your findings effectively by turning to a team of skilled writers that specializes in technical writing. By making Hays Documentation Specialists your technical content partner, you can rest assured that you’ll receive finished materials that meet your every need well within your requested turnaround time. When you need the help of enthusiastic, knowledgeable writers, there’s no better team to turn to.

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Learn More about our Technical Publication Service

We proudly offer our writing services to individuals and organizations producing academic, scientific, and technical works. Led by CEO, Priya Hays, PH.D., and founded in 2017 in the Bay Area, California, the birth place of the biotechnology and medical device industries, our company arose from the continuing need for clear, concise documentation throughout multiple educational disciplines and various industries. Throughout her career, Dr. Hays has published four books and 20 journal articles as well as presented papers at 30 conferences, both national and international. She is also an elected member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, and the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer.

Our team understands the technical writing standards in various fields what it takes to produce clear, well-written publications. Turn to our specialists for help with any of the following:

  • Manuscript Writing and Publishing
  • Manuscript Finalizing
  • Grant Writing and Submitting
  • Lab Research Finalizing

Take Advantage of Adaptive Freelance Writing

Academic articles, high-impact journals, persuasive grants, and scientific publications all require excellent writing skills and a mastery of written language to be effective works. No matter what the purpose of your publication, filling it with unique, quality content is vital to its success. However, you also must consider the feasibility of hiring additional full-time individuals. Adding one or more full-time writers to your team might not be a viable option. That’s where we come in. 

As your temporary technical content partner, our freelance writing team will be a great help towards achieving your goals and meeting your publication deadlines. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our team is prepared to create, edit, format, and finalize your documentation at a moment’s notice. Don’t let the pressure of meeting a deadline hamper your ability to turn out high-quality publications.  When you require writing services from an outside party that’s capable of adapting to your unique needs without the cost of adding another full-time team member, turn to our technical writing specialists.

Author Q&A and Writing Samples from Advancing Healthcare Through Personalized Medicine

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Priya Hays, Ph.D., CEO

About Me

I started the business to provide clients with freelance writing services that meet their particular needs. My experience includes working as a technical writer for the medical device industry. When you request writing and editing, I use my extensive experience in publishing and stellar academic credentials to complete the assignment. Additionally, I am a subject-matter expert who has an outstanding track record with my clients. I have the skills to do the type of writing you require.

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Manuscript Publishing and Writing

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Manuscript Finalizing

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Grant Writing and Submitting

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Lab Research Writing

"When you need a bright, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable writer, call on Priya. She has lots of experience developing user-friendly documentation for consumers, engineers, scientists, and medical personnel."
—Dr. Jonathan Price, Professor, Technical Writing, University of California, Santa Cruz-Extension

Providing Documentation for Non-Native English Speakers

Our technical publication service not only caters to native speakers of English, but we also offer comprehensive writing assistance to non-native speakers as well. Dr. Hays proudly welcomes your requests, no matter what their extent. With extensive experience producing writing samples from academia and various industries, you can rest assured that our team has your every need covered.

 No matter what you require, our highest priorities are to ensure we meet your requested turnaround times and deadlines, all the while keeping our writing services affordable. If you have any questions, or you would like to enlist our services as your documentation specialist, please call or email us for a complimentary one-hour consultation. Let us determine what the best course of action is as we move forward with your project.

Contact us for a free, one-hour consultation and let us get your project underway. We proudly serve clients through San Diego and San Francisco, California, as well as the surrounding areas.


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